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Top Flowering Trees For Sale

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Flowering trees can really increase your properties value. And they can increase your personal enjoyment of your yard. Below is a list of the top flowering trees for sale.

The nice thing about buying flowering trees is that you can buy them small. These trees below really grow up quickly. It can feel like you are just buying a stick when you buy a 3-4" tall tree.

But, with flowering trees, it really is nice. Because you can save some money by buying a cheaper, smaller tree. And then they grow to their maximum height fairly quickly.

These trees also transplant easier when you buy them shorter.

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NameHeightFlowering SeasonLink
Dogwood Tree20"SpringCheck Price
American Redbud20-30"SpringCheck Price
Summer Wonder Crabapple15"Spring & SummerCheck Price
Yoshino Cherry40-50"SpringCheck Price
Snowdrift Crabapple15-20"SpringCheck Price
10 Free Flowering TreesCheck Price
  1. Dogwood Tree

    The white and red dogwood trees are fantastic flowering tree options. These trees look good in all four seasons and look good in almost every landscaping situation.

    They have a maximum height of 20" so they don't get that tall. They will attract a lot of birds. These trees can be planted about 6 feet close to the house at the closest.

    This means you can place them on an island coming off the corner of your house. You can also plant them fairly close to a concrete patio for some shade.

  2. American Redbud

    The American redbud looks fantastic as a center-piece or in a line on a property line.

    I have them personally in a line on the property line. These trees grow 20 to 30" tall and are relatively easy to grow across the US.

    The tree turns purple in the spring and has a beautiful looking shape. The nice thing about planting 3-4 of these trees in a row is that you will have 3-4 very different looking trees.

    If you are looking for flowering trees for sale, the American Redbud should be on the short list!

  3. Summer Wonder Crabapple

    The summer wonder crabapple tree is a special variety of crabapple trees. This tree flowers without pollination from other trees. This means you can plant just one of them by a lamp-post or as the focal point of your backyard, and it will still flower.

    The tree is also shorter in nature. It's only 15-20" max height. This means you can plant it closer to your house. 

    A traditional crabapple tree clocks in 20-30" tall. This is significantly shorter and provides a unique look.

    Finally, it's called the summer crabapple tree because it's white in the spring and then red in the summer. This gives you 2 full seasons of color with one flowering tree.

    It's a great buy!

  4. Yoshino Cherry

    If you are looking for a traditional flowering tree for sale, you should check out the well known Yoshino Cherry tree.

    This tree is known for the cherry blossom festivals that happen in Japan. It has beautiful pink and white flowers that make it really stand out. You cannot go wrong putting this tree in your yard.

  5. Snowdrift Crabapple

    The snowdrift crabapple is a beautiful green year-round and then has lovely white buds in spring. It's feature is that it maintains orange fruit through the winter that attracts birds.

  6. 10 Free Flowering Trees

    Finally, if you cannot make up your mind, the Arbor Day Foundation has a program where if you join their membership club, you get 10 free flowering trees.

    These 10 trees include some of the trees mentioned above.

    You should really check it out. You can upgrade your landscaping and get some of the best flowering trees for sale all in one-shot.

Tyler loves the challenge of finding the right trees for any piece of land.