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Top Trees That Like Wet Soil (Even standing water)

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Planting trees doesn't have to be hard. If you have an area that has tons of water or wet soil, you simply need a tree that likes that kind of environment. Below is a list of trees you can buy today that'll love this type of soil. I highly recommend all the tree providers we link to and have found. As with everything, the best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago. The next best time to plant one is today. So, if you see a tree you like, don't think twice! Get it today and upgrade your yard.

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  1. Willow Tree

    In addition to being a tree that loves wet soil, the Weeping Willow tree is one of the most colorful, fast-growing, and elegant trees out there. Its shape and style add value to almost any property. 

    This particular vein of willow tree has a rapid growth rate and can gain 4+ feet per year. If you are in a new construction area, this tree will quickly upgrade the value of your home while also providing tons of shade.

    These trees love and thrive in wet or even swamp-like conditions. But, they also are remarkably hardy in drier soils too. It's an absolutely low maintenance tree that can really improve the quality of your landscaping.

  2. Red Maple Tree

    When it comes to maple trees, the Red Maple tree is pretty much as good as it gets. This tree is fast growing, beautiful in the fall and loves all types of soil.

    Got standing water? This tree won't mind.

    You'll find these trees all over the North American from the North Eastern seaboard to the West-coast. They look excellent planted by themselves with some light mulch around them.

    Or, you can plant them in clumps to provide some privacy from a road.

    Every fall, the tree provides a red-blaze and looks fantastic. It's an awesome addition to any yard and a sure way to upgrade any areas that historically would be covered with standing water.

  3. Sweetbay Magnolia

    The Sweetbay Magnolia tree is a really popular flowering tree. When it blooms, the flowers produce a nice vanilla smell that lasts throughout it's the flowering season.

    Unlike the Knock-out rose trees, these Magnolia trees love water. They've been know to survive in standing water actually.

    It's a relatively easy-going tree that can survive most conditions you throw at it. For this reason, it's a great addition to any front-yard or garden.

  4. River Birch

    The river birch is a fantastic tree for most yards!

    With it's peeling bark and slanting style, the river birch looks stately and casual at the same time.

    One of the best perks of this tree is its growth rate...

    The river birch can grow up to 40-50ft and often grows 3-4 feet per year. It will quickly become a fully-grown tree in any yard.

    Additionally, it thrives in wet-soil. You'll really be happy you planted this tree 3-4 years from now. It allows you landscape around it in so many ways. And really upgrades the value of your property.

  5. Pin Oak

    The Pin oak tree is a faster-growing oak tree even if it's slower growing than most of the other trees on this page. This oak tree doesn't mind the heat, dry soil, bad air or wet-soil. It really grows in a lot of different environments.

    There is no replacement for the look of an oak tree. These trees live a long time and often become the focal point of your yard.

  6. Dawn Redwood

    The Dawn Redwood is a highly tolerant tree that can grow rapidly almost anywhere...including wet soil.

    If you are looking for more of an evergreen look, go with this tree.

    Although it's not an evergreen, the Dawn Redwood grows what look like fern leaves every spring. They give you the appearance of an evergreen, but let you plant the tree in extremely wet-soil.

    The tree also grows much faster than almost any type of evergreen you could find.

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