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Fast Growing Pine Trees To Buy

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The first thing you need to know about fast growing pine trees is that there are certain ones that are easy to plant. Some pines are easy, others are very disease prone and do not grow fast at all. There are also different types of trees that easily get confused with Pine Trees. Pine trees are a specific type of evergreen that typically get confused with Spruce, Cedar, Arborvitae, and other evergreens. You can read more about their specific difference here. 

Below, we point out some of the faster, easier trees to consider planting in your yard.

The thing with pine trees is that they look great just about everywhere. I'd maintain that almost every yard could use another pine tree.

They provide year-round elegance and look great during any season. I highly encourage planting one right now! You won't regret it in 3 years.

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NameYearly GrowthLink
Colorado Blue Spruce1 ft.Check Price
Austrian Pine1 ft.Check Price
Black Hills Spruce1 ft.Check Price
Douglasfir2 ft.Check Price
Green Giant Arborvitae Thuja3 ft.Check Price
White Fir2 ftCheck Price
White Spruce3 ft.Check Price
Eastern White Pine2 ft.Check Price
  1. Colorado Blue Spruce

    The Colorado Blue Spruce is from the Rocky Mountain part of the United States. It has a beautiful blue color that really sets it apart in landscapes. 

    Lots of people buy this tree and try planting it in their yards.

    I really do not recommend planting this tree, however. It is hard to grow and really is picky about soil and water levels.

    The tree also does not have a fast growth rate. It grows at a max of 1 foot per year. 

    This tree has also been subject to many diseases over the past few years. We recommend looking at the White Spruce instead as it grows faster and is much healthier. The Blue Spruce is just very particular about what types of soil it grows in. 

  2. Austrian Pine

    Just like the above Blue Spruce, we really don't recommend planting the Austrian pine. It does grow faster than the Blue Spruce. But, the tree is very susceptible to diseases. 

    The Pine has a unique look with long branches. But, look to something like the red pine or a Dawn redwood if you are considering this tree.

  3. Black Hills Spruce

    The Black Hills spruce has a thick grouping of branches and needles. It has thin needles and keeps its branches very tightly packed.

    It is a great tree for most yards and it is highly disease resistant. 

    The tree has a moderate growth rate. You might consider the white spruce or something like the Emerald Arborvitae if you are looking for a much faster-growing tree.

  4. Douglasfir

    The Douglas fir is a faster-growing evergreen and is commonly used for Christmas trees. The tree has a beautiful cone on top and has long hanging branches. Unlike the spruce evergreens, these trees have swooping branches that hang down.

    This leaves them slightly open to having damage during winter when the branches get too heavy from snow & ice.

    The tree is fairly open to soil and sun preferences.

  5. Green Giant Arborvitae Thuja

    Arborvitaes are fantastic when planted close to the house or as privacy hedges. These trees grow fast!

    They can grow 3-4 feet per year and are highly disease resistant. 

    This and the white spruce are our top recommendations for fast-growing, easy to maintain pine trees.

  6. White Fir

    The White Fir is a good medium grower. Once established, it can grow 2+ feet per year. The tree is a good candidate for most yards as it is elegant and easy to take card of.

  7. White Spruce

    The White Spruce is one of the fast growing pine trees varieties. Given the same soil, sunlight, and growing conditions, this tree is probably the fastest growing tree that is truly a pine.

    The Green Giant does grow faster than it, but the Green Giant is not a pine tree.

    The needles of this tree are tightly bunched together and the tree provides great wind blockage. You will also get plenty of shade with this tree. 

    It is our top recommendation for fast-growing pine trees.

  8. Eastern White Pine

    If you don't like the tightly grouped branches and needles of the white spruce, try the Eastern White Pine. This tree allows more light through its branches. Yet, it is fast-growing and easy to maintain. It's a beautiful tree that can provide elegance to any yard. The Easter White Pine is also one of the better varieties when looking for fast growing pine trees.

    If you want to learn more about pine trees, here's a quick video detailing various information about the different types of pine trees that exist.

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