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The Thuja Green Giant - What to know before you buy! [2020 guide]

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The Thuja Green Giant is a fantastic tree. It looks great, is very healthy, and grows quite quickly.

You can use them to provide privacy and block the wind from hitting your house.

These trees add a lot to the value of your property and can quickly turn an empty lot into a beautifully landscaped yard.

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  1. Where To Buy

    One of the best ways to buy a Thuja Green Giant is through Arbor Day. 

    Arbor Day not only provides awareness and research around trees, but they will sell trees online and ship them to you for a very affordable price. The trees come well packed and have various warranties. 

    Unlike a local store, you can often find more varieties and size selection via Arbor Day's site. This is especially helpful with trees like the Green Giant.

    Usually, you are looking to put together a row of 10-30 of these trees. And a $5-20 dollar per tree difference in price can really add up.

    I highly recommend planting the Thuja Green Giants from Arbor Day. They are great, healthy trees.

  2. Growth Rate

    The main reason to get a Green Giant over other popular trees like an Oak or Blue Spruce is the growth rate.

    Green Giants grow incredibly fast. They are capable of growing 3-5 feet per year after getting established. If you live in a new home, that means you can easily have a very tall tree within 5 years.

    The Green giants are one of the fastest-growing trees that you can plant in your yard.

  3. Wind, Snow & Ice

    Are you in a climate that gets wind or snow? The Green Giant is fantastic at blocking the wind. They rarely experience windburn that can thwart out other trees. They have a very tight clump of leaves and don't have long extending branches. This means they rarely lose limbs in the wind.

    There is nothing worse than waiting 5-10 years for a Red Pine to grow up only to have a strong wind storm knock off one of its branches.

    Snow and ice do not have the potential to damage this tree as much as other trees as well. It is a very hardy tree.

  4. Lifespan & Disease

    Unlike other fast-growing trees like the willow, you can expect a long life from the Green Giant.

    They are known to last at a minimum of 40 years. You can typically expect them to last longer like 100-150 years.

  5. Spacing

    When it comes to spacing your Green Giants, you should try to space them every 5-10 feet. This will give you a full hedge that is hard to see through. If you are looking just to group them together, you can go as wide as 15 feet apart. These trees do not get as wide as evergreens.

Tyler loves the challenge of finding the right trees for any piece of land.