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Fast Growing Trees For Privacy [2020 Review]

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There is nothing like a tree when it comes to providing privacy for your yard. Fences are great. But trees are natural and almost certainly look better. They also can be much less work than a fence.

The trees listed below can be purchased online today and provide excellent privacy. Here is our list of the fast growing trees for privacy!

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NameHeightYearly GrowthLink
Green Giant50 ft5 ftCheck Price
White Spruce60 ft2-3 ftCheck Price
Dawn Redwood100+ ft4 ftCheck Price
Blazing Red Maple40 ft3 ftCheck Price
Weeping Willow50 ft5-6 ftCheck Price
Red Oak60 ft2 ftCheck Price
  1. Green Giant

    The Green Giant is one of the fastest-growing privacy trees out there. It's a great looking tree that is fantastic for almost every soil situation. 

    If you get 10-15 of them, you'll want to plant them about 5 feet apart. This will give you a solid hedge that is almost impossible to see through. Additionally, you'll find that a lot of wind is blocked by this hedge after a few years.

    The Green Giant is fantastic due to it's growth rate of 3-5 feet per year after it's established. This will give you quite the tree in just a short period of time.

  2. White Spruce

    The White Spruce is a solid evergreen with tightly clumped needles. It can provide great shelter for wildlife because of this. The tree is very resistant to deer and disease. 

    If you are looking for a more traditional evergreen tree to provide privacy, you should really be planting White Spruces. The tree will grow 2-3 feet per year once established. It grows to about 60 feet upon maturity. 

    The nice thing about the white spruce and Green Giant is that they maintain their color and privacy features year-round. If you plant a tree like a maple (which also grows fast and provides a big canopy of privacy), it sheds its leaves for half the year. This is not the case with the White Spruce. It's a nice fast growing tree that provides a lot of privacy for your yard.

  3. Dawn Redwood

    Another great option for a fast-growing, tall privacy tree is the Dawn Redwood. This tree is absolutely massive. If you need to block a road or a neighbor, this is certainly one of the best fast growing trees for privacy.

    Perhaps most known for being the tree-of-note from the California forests, this tree is a fantastically tall option for providing privacy. The tree is relatively hardy, provides great color, and looks very handsome.

    It's an excellent landscaping option for big yards.

    You'll need plenty of space to plant this tree. It can grow up to 100 ft tall!

  4. Blazing Red Maple

    The Blazing Red Maple provides beautiful fall colors.

    This tree grows fast, has a big canopy, and looks amazing in the fall. If you are looking for some privacy, this tree is a great one to plant outside of your window. Its canopy will provide tons of cover from any prying neighbors eyes.

    Additionally, the tree grows very fast and is a relatively healthy tree. You'll love this tree from the moment you plant it.

  5. Weeping Willow

    The weeping willow is a beautiful tree. You see it in all sorts of Hollywood movies. 

    The nicest thing about this tree is that grows very FAST. The average weeping willow can grow up to 6 feet in a good growing season. Additionally, the tree has a very wide canopy.

    A well-placed willow will give you so much privacy as the branches just swoop to the ground. It's a great fast growing tree for privacy.

  6. Red Oak

    When you hear about Oaks, you don't typically think of fast-growing trees. However, the red oak has been bred to grow quickly. 

    If you are looking for that traditional Oak look while having a fast grower, this tree is an excellent option for you.

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