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The Top 5 Fastest Growing Trees (And how to buy them today)

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Whether you are trying to keep out the neighbors, or block the view of the road, a tall trees is almost always the way to go. Planting fast growing privacy trees almost always increases your property value...and more importantly your enjoyment of your home. And best of all, the trees on this list can get to the size you need in as little as a few years. Let's jump in and take a look at some of the top options available for fast growing trees

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NameGrowth RateCostDiseaseSunlightLink
Green giant arborvitaeFast$ResistantAnyCheck Price
Dawn redwoodFast$$ResistantFull SunCheck Price
Leyland cypressFast$ResistantFull sunCheck Price
Eastern white pineFast$ResistantFull-partialCheck Price
Sun Valley MapleFast$LightFull-partialCheck Price
  1. Green giant arborvitae

    The green giant is an arborvitae that lives up to it's name. It grows 2+ feet per year and is really tolerant to almost any type of soil. It's also a very disease resistant tree.

    The rich green leaves make it an elegant statement along any property line whether you're living in the city, suburb, or building a wind-breaker fence in the country.

    These trees grow in a very uniform shape and don't require pruning like some of the other trees used in hedges. They also are a very wind, snow, and ice tolerant tree.

  2. Dawn redwood

    Dawn Redwoods are amazing trees. It's shocking that more people do not use them in their landscaping.

    They are a low-maintenance tree that is fairly disease resistant. It also grows FAST. They typically can grow 3-5 feet per year.

    They grow relatively easily and don't mind things like standing water. If you have a dip in your landscaping or need to plant something close to the water, this is the tree for the job.

    You get amazing height, the trees have great color, and you can stand out in the neighborhood from all the other more common trees. They can provide amazing privacy and elegance to any yard.

  3. Leyland cypress

    The Leyland cypress tree has notes of blue to it that make it an excellent choice over the frequently desired by Colorado Blue Spruce.

    Unlike the Colorado Blue Spruce, the Leyland cypress tree is more disease resistant and grows much faster.

    The cypress tree grows well in most soils and creates a stately presence when planted in lines or by-itself.

  4. Eastern white pine

    I actually planted a field with 300 of these trees growing up. They are lovely, fast growing, disease resistant, and provide great privacy.

    They are an excellent choice if you are looking for an easy to grow evergreen.

    They mature with big clusters of blue-green needles and don't attract deer.

  5. Sun Valley Maple

    The Sun Valley Maple Tree grows really fast and provides great fall colors. You'd love to have this tree in your yard.

Tyler loves the challenge of finding the right trees for any piece of land.