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The Top 6 Fast Growing Oak Trees That Stay Healthy

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Oak trees are one of the most loved trees! They are beautiful, live a long-time, and look great in the front yard. 

Since there are over 800 types of oak trees in the world, you need to be sure to plant a quick growing one. Oaks trees can be known to grow less than one foot per year. And it would take a long time to have a truly enjoyable tree if you plant a slow growing oak.

Below are some of the fastest growing oak trees in the world. Click the links and get yours today! You'll be so glad in 5 years that you did.

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NameGrowth RateLink
Northern Red OakFastCheck Price
Pin OakFastCheck Price
Sawtooth OakFastCheck Price
Swamp White OakMediumCheck Price
Scarlet OakMediumCheck Price
Nuttall OakFastCheck Price
  1. Northern Red Oak

    The Northern Red Oak is one of the most beautiful trees in North America. The northern red oak has almost everything you would look for in an oak tree.

    It's leaves have a beautiful shape. The colors in the fall are deep orange and red. And the tree grows well in almost any environment. 

    Some oak trees grow under one foot per year. This is not the case for the red oak. The Northern Red Oak can grow 2-3 feet per year once established.

    If you do not have an oak tree in your yard, you should definitely stop right here and buy a Northern Red Oak tree today.

  2. Pin Oak

    The Pin Oak is also a fantastic oak tree that grows quickly. This tree is easily transplantable and has a beautiful full-bodied shape. 

    It's leaves are a deep green all growing season and then turn orange in the fall. The Pin Oak offers a drought-resistant, full sun-loving oak tree that's sure to become the staple of your yard. 

  3. Sawtooth Oak

    If you're looking for a tree that looks more organic and less story-book than the Red Oak or Pin Oak, the Sawtooth Oak might be for you.

    This oak tree grows very quickly in its youth and gets to a mature height rapidly. It works well for neighborhoods because of this.

    The tree has a more sprawling shape and isn't as traditionally looking at the Pin Oak or Red Oak.

  4. Swamp White Oak

    The Swamp White Oak is also another attractive oak that is unique in its own way. This Oaktree actually has peeling bark. The effect from the peeling bark is a two-toned tree trunk that really can stand out.

    The Swamp White Oak grows very quickly and will provide great shade.

  5. Scarlet Oak

    The Scarlet Oak provides deep scarlet colored leaves in the fall and a canopy that is more round. These two distinctive features separate it from the other trees on this list.

    It is a fast-growing tree that will provide a lovely addition to your yard.

  6. Nuttall Oak

    The Nuttall Oak is from the SE and Midwest portion of the United State. But, it is only now gaining popularity. This oak tree has some of the best features of the traditional Pin Oak and Red Oak without the downsides of those trees. Namely, it does not usually develop surface roots nor does it have the potential to invade water lines.

    The tree is a quick grower and has been called as beautiful as the Blazing Red Maple tree by various tree critics. If you want to buck the trend and get an up-and-coming tree, the Nuttall Oak might just be your choice!

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