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Looking To Buy A Maple Tree? Here are the top 5 maple trees to buy

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Interested in upgrading your property value with a tree? You should buy a maple tree. These trees look beautiful year-round. They provide tons of shade in almost any yard and are typically easy to grow.

Buying a maple tree doesn't have to be hard. There are really only two or three varieties you should consider when shopping for maple trees.

We'll review the top maple trees for your yard in this quick article and give you an idea as to which maple tree you should buy to 

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NameMax HeightYearly GrowthLink
Blazing Red Maple40-60ft3+ftCheck Price
Silver maple40-60ft3ftCheck Price
Sugar Maple60-75ft1-2ftCheck Price
Japanese Maple3-8ft1ftCheck Price
Norway Maple (avoid this one)n/an/aCheck Price
  1. Blazing Red Maple

    The Blaze Maple Tree is a fast grower that loves different climates. It is a good tree for those looking to fill out their yard. The tree is relatively maintenance-free and provides excellent shade. If you are looking to buy a maple tree and just want to get the right one, buy a blazing red maple.

    When buying the red maple tree, you'll want to look for the variety called "Blazing" or "Autumn Blaze". These strains of the tree were crossed with the fast-growing Silver maple to produce a red maple tree that's hardier and faster growing.

    The tree gets to a height of 40-60ft and can add 3+feet in a single growing season.

  2. Silver maple

    The Silver Maple tree grows really fast. It will certainly provide tons of shade.

    The downsides of this tree are that it has an agressive root system. You will want to plant it 10+ feet away from sidewalks and basements. The tree also has fragile branches. You will frequently see them break off after a bad storm.

    The tree is beautiful. It has a pretty oval shape. 

  3. Sugar Maple

    The Sugar Maple looks very similar to the Blaze red maple tree in the fall. It turns red and orange. The tree has more of a circular crown than the silver maple. Its leaves are also larger. 

    The tree does not handle salt well.

  4. Japanese Maple

    The Japanese Maple is probably the most different tree on this list. This variety of the maple tree comes in a ton of different colors and sizes. But, they are almost all smaller than the Sugar Maple, Red Maple, and Silver Maple.

    The tree is hardy and can add color to your yard. There are so many different colors of this tree that you'll have to find the one that works best in your yard. 

  5. Norway Maple (avoid this one)

    The Norway Maple really shouldn't be on this list. But, I'm including it to help you avoid issues.

    The Norway Maple is actually an invasive tree in most of North America. You should not plant one. 

Tyler loves the challenge of finding the right trees for any piece of land.