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The Top 6 Privacy Trees For Sale Online

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There's nothing better than sitting in your own backyard with no care in the world. And the best way to accomplish that is often with privacy trees. Privacy trees can make even a city lot feel intimate. They can drown out the sound of the surroundings while providing shade and increasing your property value. Below is a list of the best, fastest-growing privacy trees for sale online today! If you see one you like, don't hesitate to pick one up. You'll be glad you did 5+ years from now.

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  1. Green Giant Arborvitae

    The Green Giant is typically planted in rows along property lines and can provide excellent privacy to any yard. These trees grow in a pyramidal shape and do not necessarily need to be trimmed. They have a dense look and do not have much visual site allowed through them.

    The Green Giant Arborvitae is quite frankly the top privacy tree.

    In addition to growing 3-5 feet per year and reaching heights of 50-60 feet tall, these trees are remarkably hardy. They withstand wind, snow, ice, and even drought. They are not particular about the type of soil (sandy vs clay). And are relatively easy to take care of.

    When it comes to diseases, these plants are very resistant. Deer typically will not nibble on them.

    Compared to similar trees like the Leyland cypress (see below) and any evergreen tree, the Thuja Green Giant is easier to grow, more disease resistant, and tolerant of more conditions. It's an amazing tree to provide privacy to any property.

  2. Leyland Cypress Tree

    Th Leyland Cypress tree is commonly used as a windbreaker for fields or planted in lines to provide privacy. They grow fast and are typically very dense.

    The Leyland cypress tree generally prefers sun to shade. It tolerates a wide-variety of soil conditions and moisture levels, however. They are relatively easy to grow and not nearly as particular as a blue spruce or evergreen.

    You'll need to water a new Leyland cypress tree for roughly the first year of it's life. After that, it should be fairly established and can grow 2-4 feet per year.

  3. Austrian Pine Tree

    The Austrian pine tree is a relatively easy going pine that grows fast! When buying an evergreen or spruce tree, you really have to watch the growth rate.

    Some of them only grow 6-12 inches per year. The Austrian pine can be a great option for privacy trees if you prefer the traditional evergreen look to the formal look of arborvitaes.

    These trees like full or partial sun and are moderately tolerant to various levels of moisture. They aren't as easy to grow as the Green Giant, but it's not as tough to grow as the Colorado blue spruce.

    The Austrian pine has an oval shape and typically grows into a very traditional looking pine tree. They are good as Christmas trees.

    Given their dense needles, they will provide tons of privacy when planted in a line. Just be sure to prune them yearly!

  4. American Holly Tree

    Holly trees have been used for privacy since for a long time! You can see them in all the gardens from European castles. They also are what was traditionally used in hedge mazes.

    There is nothing more private than a well manicured line of holly trees forming a hedge. However, you will have to trim them to get the desired effect.

    If you live in the city or need a smaller, less tall option, the 15 foot holly tree might be the way to go.

    This tree is deer resistant, can form a beautiful hedge, and produces red berrys if planted together with other Holly trees. It's a great option for those looking for a bit more privacy in their back yards.

  5. Blue Spruce Tree

    The Colorado blue spruce is one of the most desired plants in yards. It looks simply beautiful and elegant.

    These spruces are a member of the pine family and come from Colorado's rocky mountains. Like most other spruce trees, the needles on this tree are firm and sharp making it painful to the touch.

    They are frequently planted in lines to provide privacy. This tree is drought tolerant and does not like a lot of water. Be very careful about over watering it when first planting them. Additionally, you'll need to watch out for diseases. There are a lot of diseases that can affect a blue spruce.

  6. Norway Spruce Tree

    Unlike the tight, dense branches of the Colorado blue spruce or a white spruce, the Norway spruce tree has more space between it's big branches.

    This tree grows very fast and when planted in lines can produce a great privacy barrier. The Norway spruce also can easily reach heights of 50 feet tall.

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