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Top 10 Pine Trees For Sale

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Pine trees are excellent choices for any yard. They give you color year round while providing shade. Adding pine trees to your yard is one of the quickest way to increase the value of your property as well.

Read about the top trees to plant below to find the right one for you. There are various sizes, maintenance levels, and soil conditions to consider before planting a pine.

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Green Giant ArborvitaeYesNoEasyCheck Price
Colorado Blue SpruceYesNoHardCheck Price
Austrian PineYesNoHardCheck Price
White SpruceCheck Price
Douglas FirYesNoMediumCheck Price
Giant SequoiaYesNoMediumCheck Price
White FirYesNoEasyCheck Price
Leyland CypressYesNoEasyCheck Price
American ArborvitaeNoYesEasyCheck Price
Loblolly PineYesNoEasyCheck Price
  1. Green Giant Arborvitae

    The Green Giant is one of the easiest trees you can plant. This tree takes off almost everywhere.

    Pine trees can be hard to grow. Most of the time, the trees you buy from places like Home Depot or local garden shops just won't take off.

    If you've experienced this, the best thing to try is a Green Giant.

    These trees, once established, can grow 3-4 feet per year! They look great almost everywhere too.

  2. Colorado Blue Spruce

    The Colorado Blue Spruce is a beautiful tree that originated from the Rocky Mountain area of the US.

    It has a blue hue that lots of people like. However, it is a very hard tree to grow. You'll struggle to get the tree to take in almost every type of soil. Plus, if you do get it to take, the tree is fairly disease-prone. 

    If trees in your neighborhood start getting diseased, the Blue Spruce will likely get infected.

    Because of this, we really do not recommend planting this tree unless you really want to take care of it.

  3. Austrian Pine

    The Austrian Pine is another disease-prone tree. You should avoid this tree and look to things like the White Spruce, White Fir, or Green Giant.

  4. White Spruce

    The White Spruce is one of the best trees you can plant if you are looking for a fast-growing, easy to maintain, spruce tree.

    They look beautiful by themselves or in clumps of trees.

    The tree gives you plenty of shade and you'll see lots of birds nest in these trees.

  5. Douglas Fir

    The Douglas Fir tree has a beautiful shape. Unlike most pine trees, this one grows up with a highly organic shape. It branches swoop down and let lots of light through.

  6. Giant Sequoia

    The Giant Sequoia tree gets very large. It can get up to 250 feet tall in the wild. 

    You'll typically only see this tree grow to 100 feet in a yard.

    The tree has a beautiful pyramid shape and is very symmetrical.

    It is a hardy tree with a medium growth rate. 

  7. White Fir

    The White Fir is one of our top tree recommendations. It has a beautiful shape and thrives in many areas. 

    The tree has a medium growth rate and can grow up to 2 feet per year.

    It is also fairly disease resistant.

  8. Leyland Cypress

    The Leyland Cypress tree is a great tree for hedges.

  9. American Arborvitae

    The American Arborvitae is a medium growth rate Arborvitae. It looks great in gardens or close to the house.

  10. Loblolly Pine

    This is a really unique looking pine tree. You should consider planting it if you are in the southern part of the United States.

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