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Top Live Oak Trees to Buy for a Beautiful Landscape

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A beautiful home is not difficult to achieve. A well-mowed lawn, some pretty flowers, and several live oak trees are exactly what you need to turn your compound into pure magic. The front yard should look elegant since it captures the first attention of your visitors. Don't ignore your backyard, though. Live oak trees are glamorous trees that give you both beauty and shade. They grow fast and are also easy to maintain. Hence, they are a must-have.

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Some oak trees grow pretty fast, just in time for your home to look fabulous. That’s one more reason why you must have them in your garden. Below are the top best trees, just for you. Read on.

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  1. Bur Oak

    This tree grows in all kinds of soil. It is also tolerant of heat. Although it grows slowly, its mature height is about 80 inches. If you have pets like rabbits, the Bur oak will provide acorns, the perfect snack for your pets. 

    • It also provides a dense rounded shade.
    • It is resistant to pollution.
    • It grows in zones 3 to 82.
  2. Live Oak

    Famous for its vast shape, the live oak can grow up to 100 years. It can grow in any type of soil and is adaptable to different kinds of weather. It is one of the firmest trees, and you can always live to see it every morning.

    • It provides sweet acorns for your pets and wildlife.
    • Its round shade is irresistible.
    • It is known to be one of the most impressive trees in North America.
  3. Northern Red Oak

    It is known to be one of the most beautiful and cleanest trees in North America. Its red color in fall provides the best thing to look at in the garden. It grows up to 75 inches in height when mature and forms a dense, broad shade.

    • It is tolerant of pollution.
    • It grows fast.
    • It produces acorns which are perfect snacks for pets and wild animals.
  4. Overcup Oak

    This is another sturdy tree that is excellent for your backyard. It grows up to about 70 inches high and forms a perfect circular shape. Its dense leaves are all you need for a lovely shade on a hot summer afternoon.

    • It grows in different types of soils.
    • It provides some food to animals (acorns).
    • It grows in zones 5 to 94.
  5. Pin Oak

    This tree has different characteristics from other oaks. It has a unique branching pattern, and its leaves turn red or brown in fall. This color looks so beautiful in the garden in all seasons. 

    • It is straightforward to plant.
    • It offers a lovely dense shade.
    • It can thrive in a wide range of soils.
    • It grows fast.
  6. Sawtooth Oak

    If you like colors, then this would be the perfect oak tree to plant. You'll enjoy some yellow to golden leaves in spring, dark lustrous green in summer, and yellow to golden brown in fall. It grows very fast when young, and you won't have to wait for years.

    • It forms a wide, dense shade.
    • It is easy to plant.
    • It grows in various types of soil.
  7. Swamp White Oak

    This oak tree grows in swampy areas but can also tolerate compacted soil. It forms a lovely dense shade and also attracts a variety of birds, which add to its beauty. The tree grows in zones 4 to 8.

    • It grows at a medium speed.
    • It is resistant to drought.
    • It is a good street tree and also a garden tree.
  8. Nuttall Oak

    Every urban and suburban area needs this tree. It grows pretty fast, forming well-arranged branches that form the beauty. At maturity, this tree forms a wide, dense shade. The leaves turn to red and orange in fall, creating a fantastic view.

    • It produces acorns which wild animals and some pets love.
    • It is known to be a great street tree.
    • It is tolerant to drought.
  9. Willow Oak

    Its willow-like leaves got this tree the nickname of "Handsome tree." It has an eye-catching appearance, and you'll mostly spot it in parks and golf courses. Fall unleashes all its beauty as the leaves turn russet-red, yellow-bronze, or yellow-brown.

    • Tolerates poor drainage in the soil.
    • It produces acorns for wild animals and birds.
    • It attracts birds.
  10. White Oak

    This tree is widespread is posh suburbs and parks. Its red fall color should give you one red reason to have it in your backyard. It grows slowly into an oval shape, and its acorns are food to wildlife. This tree grows in zones 3 to 9 and can grow up to 80 inches in height.

    • It can grow in different types of soil.
    • Its broad canopy forms a beautiful shade.
    • It tolerates drought.
  11. Shumard Oak

    This tree is where all the beauty lies. It has a vibrant red color in fall and grows up to 60 inches high, making it excellent for the garden. It is adaptable to a wide range of environmental issues like pollution, drought, and poor drainage. 

    • It produces acorns that are loved by wildlife.
    • Its round shape makes a pleasant shade.
    • It grows in different types of soil.
  12. Scarlet Oak

    If you would like some cute red colors in your yard in all seasons, this would be the best choice for you. This live oak tree forms perfect red leaves during spring, fall, and even winter. It’s a beauty that never fades away.

    The tree grows up to 80 inches and creates a fantastic round shade.

    • It is drought tolerant.
    • It produces acorns which are a snack to wildlife and even some of your pets.
    • It is easy to plant and grows fast at an early stage.
    • It grows in zones 4 to 9.

    Over to You

    Live oak trees should be on top of your next to-buy list. They form a marvelous garden with attractive red leaves in fall and spring. With acorns on the supply, wild animals and birds will always be happy. Need some beauty in your home? Why not buy live oak trees?

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