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The Top Maple Trees For Sale

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Planting a maple tree is an easy way to increase the beauty of your yard. Maple trees are a sight to behold with its vibrant colours and beautifully shaped leaves. They help in infusing vivacious hues into your neighbourhood and beautify your area. Maple leaves have been accorded a position of pride as it finds its image in the national flag of Canada.

There are so many varieties of maple trees that you can plant in your neighbourhood. It is very natural for you to get confused about which attractive looking maple tree you should choose to adorn in your locality. Once you behold the appealing look offered by the maple trees, it will leave you asking for more.

You need not be confused anymore as we will guide you through the varieties of maple trees for sale. 

Best Maple Trees to Adorn Your Neighbourhood

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  1. Autumn Blaze Maple

    This scarlet and silver beauty is most prevalent in North American regions. This maple tree owes its creation to the result of cross-breed between red maple that goes by the biological name of Acer rubrum and silver maple, whose biological name is Acer saccharinum. 

    Here is some information about Autumn Blaze Maple which makes it one of the top maple trees for sale:

    Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it can grow in any soil condition even if the quality of soil is poor. This variant of the maple tree is known for its fast-growing capability and can rise to a remarkable height of over 50 feet. Hence it requires ample space for its roots to spread out and hold the soil. Autumn Blaze Maple tree can mesmerize the onlookers with its fiery red and sprightly silver-grey leaves. It gives a very appealing vision during autumn fall and spring.

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  2. Japanese Red Maple

    This beautiful spectacle of blazing crimson hue is rightly known as the ed emperor. This fiery red variety of maple tree is dominantly found in East Asian countries like Japan, China, Korea, and parts of Russia. They prefer to grow in shade and not under the direct impact of the sun. This maple variety surely lightens up the environment with its gossamer red color.

    Some facts about Japanese Red Maple which you would like to know are listed below:

    They thrive on well-drained soil which is acidic in nature, slightly moist and loamy. They cannot grow on damp and soaking wet soil and so care has to be taken that the soil is drained of excess water and is drought resistant. An advantage of planting this variant of the maple tree is that their roots require less space to grow and are generally packed in together. They grow to a nominal height of around 30 feet as they prefer to grow in shades and not expose too much to the sunlight. Hence they offer an excellent look with its low lying cluster of oval red leaves.

  3. October Glory Maple

    As the name rightly suggests, this glorious maple tree has a beautiful aura during the autumn fall and paints a magnificent picture with its orange-red leaves during October. This variant can trace its roots to the eastern coast of the United States of America. 

    Here are some reasons which make the October Glory Maple one of the top maple trees for sale:

    Crimson or reddish-brown fruits are borne by this tree which adds to its allure. It invites a lot of wildlife to its branches and the brownish-red samaras present in the fruits attract different types of birds.It thrives on wet clay soil with an acidic tinge. It can grow in various climatic conditions. October Glory grows best in direct or partial sunlight. It requires a few hours of direct sunlight every day to thrive. It is easy to maintain and is highly adaptable. It offers a brilliant view as it grows to a height of around 40-50 feet due to which its roots take up some space in the soil.

  4. Silver Maple

    This variant is known for its pristine silver or white leaves and it grows predominantly in the central region of the United States of America and the southeastern region of Canada. They are known to shed their leaves during the beginning of autumn. Sometimes Silver Maple trees offer greenish-yellow leaves together with its characteristic white leaves which add to its beauty.

    Here is some information about why the Silver Maple tree is one of the top maple trees for sale:

    It can offer a majestic view in your neighborhood as it can grow to an impressive height anywhere between 50 feet and 82 feet. It thrives on wet soil and is generally found in water lands. Its affinity towards water has earned this variant the name of water maple. This variant is a food source for many animals and birds. Birds, squirrels, beavers, and chipmunks flock to this tree for its bark and fruits.

  5. Sugar Maple

    Sugar Maple trees are very popular as they help in making your pancakes, toasts, and waffles tastier. This variant is a major source of maple syrup which is responsible for making your breakfast delicious. It is predominantly found along the northeastern and central belt of the United States of America, near Massachusetts and Minnesota.

    Some known facts which make Sugar Maple trees very popular are given below:

    Sugar Maple trees are known to attract different wildlife animals like hare, moose, and deer. It attracts various birds in its colorful fold of golden yellow, orange and red leaves. This variant grows to an impressive height of 80 feet to 115 feet and loves to bask in continuous hours of sunlight. It thrives best in partial or total sun-lit areas. They need slightly moist soil tinged with acidic and alkaline elements. Their roots need a lot of space in the soil as it spreads around 30 to 40 feet when it becomes mature.

  6. Sun Valley Maple

    This gorgeous specimen flaunting stunning red and orange colours on its branches is a sight to behold. It is bound to glorify your neighbourhood with its oval-shaped leaves and beautiful hues. It is generally found in north and eastern parts of the United States of America.

    Here is why Sun Valley Maple trees are one of the top maple trees for sale:

    This variant is very adaptable and can grow in various climatic conditions. Pollution does not impact the growth and so this tree witnesses unhindered development to its full glory. Its silver-coloured trunk together with its vivacious red and golden leaves has rightfully earned it the name red sunset. It can grow in various types of soil which is acidic in nature and its growth gets impacted based on the salt content of the soil.

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    So now that you know about the best varieties of maple trees for sale, go take your pick and beautify your neighbourhood.

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