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Best Fruit Trees For Cold Climates

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Are you looking for the best fruit trees for cold climates? These trees are for you!

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  1. Concord Grapes

    One of the best options for gardeners in the north is concord grapes. These fruit bearing vines are very hardy and produce awesome crops.

  2. Methley Plum

    Methley Plum trees are both beautiful and hardy. These trees will withstand winter much better than other fruit-stone bearing trees.

  3. Early Harvest Apple

    The early harvest apple tree is a fantastic tree for almost any climate. These trees produce tons of fruit too.

  4. Pecan tree

    Although it's a nut bearing tree, pecan trees are surprisingly hardy. You should look for a special hardy variety that can survive all the way up to zone 4. 

  5. Blackberry shurbs

    Blackberries both attract birds while also providing some great fruit for you. They are an awesome plant to be added to any landscape.

  6. Bing Cherry Tree

    The bing cherry tree is an awesome tree for fruit production. It is of the sweet cherry variety and grows in very cold climates.

  7. Damson Plum

    Finally, plum trees are notorious for loving cold weather. Check them out if you haven't found a plant you like yet.

Tyler loves the challenge of finding the right trees for any piece of land.