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Fast Growing Shade Trees

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Shade trees can add beauty to any yard. They can complete a front year. They can make it easier for your kids to play outside in the summer. And they can also provide cooling benefits to your house.

Here are the top 10 fast growing shade trees that you should consider planting

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NameHeightYearly GrowthPriceLink
Weeping Willow30 - 50 ft2ft$Check Price
Tulip Poplar706ft$Check Price
Blaze Red Maple Tree40-602ft$Check Price
Poplar Tree40-50ft8ft$Check Price
Leyland Cypress40-60ft 3-5ft$Check Price
River Birch30-40ft3ft$Check Price
Honey Locust50-753ft$Check Price
Dogwood6-101ft$Check Price
Princeton Elm50-703-6ft$Check Price
  1. Weeping Willow

    The weeping willow tree is an excellent tree for providing a ton of shade. It grows very rapidly and has long sweeping limbs that provide tons of shade. The tree is iconic in its appearance and will add character to almost any yard.

    Additionally, the tree is easy to grow. It takes almost any solid type and is relatively flexible in the amount of water it likes.

    The tree matures quickly and is moderately disease resistant.

  2. Tulip Poplar

    One of the fastest-growing shade trees in the US is the cottonwood tree. This tree is also commonly known as the poplar tree. In addition to being fast-growing, it's one of the most popular trees in North America. The Tree can add as much as 6 feet per year. And it comes in a lot of different varieties.

    The cottonwood tree family consists of the Tulip Poplar, some hybrid poplar trees, and the Quaking aspen.

    If you are looking for beautiful fall colors with fast growth, these trees are what you are looking for.

    You can find them for cheap online, or can usually find them for around $40-140 depending on the size you buy.

  3. Blaze Red Maple Tree

    The Blaze Red Maple Tree defines falls in the upper part of North America. It has the most beautiful fall colors. Part of what makes the tree special is that arborists over the years have blended the growth speed of the silver maple with the color of the red maple.

    This makes the blaze red maple or other varieties of this crossbreed give you the best of both worlds.

    Although the tree has some diseases that affect it. It is largely a hardy tree that requires very little work after planting.

  4. Poplar Tree

    Another option similar to the Tulip poplar, this tree is ultra fast growing. It can add almost 2-3x the feet per year of other trees in this list.

    Poplar trees share roots with the Quaking Aspen tree. This means is just through and through a fast grower. 

    The tree produces a storybook-like oval crest. And is a beautiful tree for the front yard. It looks excellent with some mulch around it.

  5. Leyland Cypress

    The Leyland Cypress doesn't provide much shade, but it is fast-growing and can provide some excellent privacy. 

    It is best in rows or in a garden. This tree is fast-growing and fairly tolerant of wide varieties of soil/sun/water.

    The tree is fairly maintenance free and found in a variety of yards.

  6. River Birch

    The River Birch or Weeping White Birch has a beautiful white bark. It grows quickly and has a very distinct look. These trees are not like the maple and the popular trees above. The river birch has more curves and provides a more rustic or natural look to the yard.

    You are also almost more guaranteed to stand out with this tree in your yard.

    They can typically be found for a reasonable price. You'd be best to plant them in a clump or with an evergreen next to them to balance the look.

  7. Honey Locust

    The honey locust skyliner is a beautiful tree that has a huge top. The top of this tree really blossoms out. The leaves on this tree are also different. They are skinner and turn a pretty yellow come fall.

    The tree is a good centerpiece for the front or back of your yard. It grows very quickly and stands out more than a maple or poplar.

  8. Dogwood

    The dogwood tree is perhaps one of the smaller trees on this list. It only gets a few feet tall, but grows quickly. The tree provides some shade and is great for the front yard in a place where you'd want an ornate tree. It's flowers are very pretty.

  9. Princeton Elm

    The Princeton Elm tree grows nearly anywhere and provides an iconic tree look in any area.

    This tree and the poplar tree are perhaps the most default trees you see in yards across North America. They are hardy, easy to grow, and beautiful.

    Additionally, the Princeton Elm variety is resistant to the Dutch elm disease which has been plaguing the American Elm.

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