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The Best Trees To Plant For Birds

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Are you looking for amazing trees to plant that will also attract birds? Look no further. We have the list for you! These trees will draw birds in to nest, eat, and more.

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  1. Northern Red Oak

    The northern red oak is a great tree for any yard. It grows relatively quickly and attracts tons of birds. This tree is great for those looking for beautiful fall colors, the grandeur of an oak tree, and a large tree with big leaves.

  2. Sweetbay Magnolia

    The Sweetbay Magnolia tree flowers, and when it does, the birds love it.

    This smaller tree does well in warmer climates and really can be a beautiful addition to any yard. 

  3. Sun Valley Maple

    The Sun Valley Maple is a lesser planted maple tree compared to the Silver Maple and Nothern Red Maple trees.

    It attracts birds like finches, juncos and nuthatches.

    Plant this tree for fall colors, summer shade, and bird watching.

  4. River Birch

    A river birch is a fast-growing tree that provides tons of interesting landscape appeal with it's multi-colored bark.

    According to several bird sites , this tree also is fantastic for attracting American Goldfinch, Black-Capped Chickadee, and Dark-Eyed Junco.

  5. Princeton Elm

    The Princeton Elm is a great tree if you want something that looks like a typical story-book tree, but want to avoid the more common Maples and Oaks. 

    Elm trees also attract some interesting birds like Oriole, Turkeys, Chickadees, and more.

  6. Giant Sequoia

    The Giant Sequoia and most other evergreens are great for providing protection in winter weather.

    This tree attracts all types of birds during the colder months.

  7. Loblolly Pine

    The Loblolly Pine tree is known to attract many birds to it's sweeping branches. This pine also has a distinctive look that separates it from most other types of pine trees.

  8. Yoshino Cherry

    Finally, the Yoshino Cherry tree is a great flowering tree that attracts tons of birds to it's beautiful branches.

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